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Bonding of teeth is a procedure whereby the dentist add some tooth-coloured material on the teeth to reshape the teeth or to close any unsightly gaps between the teeth.

“I have gaps between my teeth, is bonding the only way to close the space”

Bonding is just one of the ways to close spaces between the teeth.  It is important to know the cause of the gaps between the teeth.  In some case, bonding of teeth will make the teeth look exceptionally big and unnatural.  Braces is another way to close spaces between teeth without changing the shape of the teeth.  Do feel free to come in and let our dentists or orthodontists advise you.

“Is Bonding Painful”

Bonding is not painful.  The tooth need not be trimmed or cut and the tooth-coloured material is just added onto the tooth

“ How long can Bonding last”

Bonding is like filling.  It can last provided that the patient takes good care of their oral hygiene and do not put undue pressure on the tooth like biting ice and crab shell.  However the tooth-coloured material is likely to pick up stains from the food that you eat and as such it is likely to discolour over time.  A lasting alternative will be to place ceramics veneers on the tooth as ceramic do not discolour over time by the food you eat. (refer to veneers).