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Dentures are removable prosthesis to replace missing teeth in the mouth.  The denture plate is usually made of “plastic” but it can also be made of metal.  On the denture plate, acrylic (plastic) teeth are inserted to replace the missing teeth.  This helps the patient in chewing their food and in their speech.  Dentures also help to support the lips to give a more youthful looking appearance. However, denture teeth are not as strong compared o bridges or implants.  It might be difficult for patient to chew on certain food.  Patient can experience irritation or soreness to the gum when a new denture is fabricated.  It takes a while for the patient to get used to the new denture. “I was told that my bone is too shallow to hold onto the denture in the mouth” Adequate bone support is necessary for the denture to be retentive in the mouth.  However, we could insert implants into the bone to help better retain the denture in the mouth.  This is known as “Implant supported denture”  Please feel free to call us at 63977097 for more information