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Wisdom Tooth Surgery


Wisdom tooth surgery is done when the wisdom is “stuck” behind the second molar or embedded in the bone.  The tooth is usually partially erupted or unerupted so conventional extraction is not possible.  In such cases, the dentist or the oral surgeon need to expose the tooth and elevate the tooth from its hidden position.

In cases where the wisdom tooth is partially erupted, it is a source of food trap and it is nearly impossible to clean that area.  Very often caries will develop either on the wisdom tooth or the second molar which it is “stuck” to.  The early sign would be foul smell coming from that area and toothache would follow in later stages.

In our clinic,  medisave could be used to pay for wisdom tooth surgery either partially or fully.  For more information kindly call us at 63977097.

“How long do I have to rest after the surgery”

Patients will usually be on medical leave for 3-7 days.  However, patients are able to carry on with their daily work after 1-2 days although we will advise them to abstain from physical activities

“Wisdom tooth surgery is painful”

Before the procedure, the dentist or oral surgeon will anaesthetized the tooth and the surrounding area.  You are unlikely to feel any pain sensation when the area feels numb.  Thus wisdom tooth surgery is no more uncomfortable than conventional extraction.

However, after the procedure the area may have a slight swelling and it will subside in a few days.