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Crowns and Bridges


Crowns are used in dentistry to build up a tooth that has been destroyed by decay or trauma.  It is usually made of porcelain or gold.

In a crown, the dentist will need to trim all around the tooth and a mould would need to be taken so that a porcelain or gold crown could be fabricated.  The crown is then cementd onto the tooth by adhesive.

Bridges are used in dentistry to replace missing tooth.  The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are trimmed so that crowns could be cemented onto them.  A false teeth is fabricated at the same time and is attached to the crowns of the adjacent teeth.

Crowns and bridges are used to allow patient to chew more effectively and efficiently.  Bridges could also restore patient’s missing teeth so as to achieve better aesthetic especially in the front teeth.





“Does crowns and bridges feel like my natural teeth”

Crowns are meant to replace the missing tooth structure and they will feel like your natural teeth.  However it is advisable not to bite any hard food using the tooth with a crown as the porcelain may fracture.

As for bridge, the false tooth is supported by the neighboring teeth.  Thus it will not feel as strong as the natural teeth.  The bridge is also connected so special cleaning aid has to be used to clean underneath the bridge as food stuck onto the bridge could cause decay in the neighboring teeth.  To reduce such complication, implant may be a more suitable option as it is supported by the bone and  cleaning the implant is no different than natural tooth.

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