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Dental Check Up


Dental check up is an important component in maintaining a good dental and oral health.  It should be done every 6 months so that any caries or problems with the gums could be diagnosed early before it deteriorates.  In fact some medical conditions, such as diabetes or iron deficiency could manifest in the oral environment.  Early detection of these medical conditions by the dentist could allow us to refer patient for early treatment by the medical doctor.

“I don’t like to go for dental check up because it is painful”

Dental check up is not painful.  In fact our experienced dentists would be able to examine and diagnose your oral and dental condition without any discomfort.  It is important for the patient to be seen regularly so that any problems could be treated early.  When the dental or oral problems become more serious, the treatment would be more uncomfortable.

Modern dentistry has progressed tremendously in the last few years.  Most of our treatments could be done in shorter period of time and with minimal discomfort.  Feel free to call us at 63977097 for an appointment with our experienced dentists.