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What is Invisalign

Invisalign is a clear alternative to conventional braces.  The treatment consists of a series of clear aligners to straighten the teeth and correct the bite. These aligners are so clear that they are virtually invisible.  The aligner is comfortable and can be removed easily by the patient.  It can be removed for special occasions and meals. Toothbrushing and flossing are performed as normal during the treatment.  There is no restriction in the type of food that can be consumed during treatment.

In Epismile, we use the latest intraoral scanner (itero) to scan the teeth.  Scanning the teeth is more comfortable than traditional impression material and is more accurate.  The scan is then sent to invisalign within an hour and the computer simulation could be received for viewing within a week.

Our orthodontists will then show you the final result of your treatment in the computer simulation before your treatment commences.  These treatment simulations could allow us to plan your treatment results according to your needs.

Pain and discomfort is minimal during invisalign treatment as compared to conventional braces treatment.

Invisalign is the most advanced and modern way to have straight teeth without any compromise in oral hygiene.

Comparison between Invisalign and Conventional Braces

Invisalign Conventional Braces
Clear aligners are virtually invisible Requires brackets and wires
Smooth comfortable plastics aligners Wires and brackets can poke and irritate mouth causing ulcer
Aligners can be removed for eating and brushing Brushing and flossing require more effort
Can eat whatever you want Many food restriction
You can see the final results before you commence treatment Not possible with conventional braces

“ I was told that with Invisalign treatment, I can avoid extraction”

The decision to extract teeth depends on the patient’s condition. The type of braces or Invisalign should not affect how a condition should be treated. The experience of the Invisalign doctor is important as it may affect the doctor’s treatment plan. In our clinic, our orthodontists have many years of orthodontic experience in treating both extraction and non-extraction cases.

Are all Invisalign Doctors the same

Invisalign is a form of orthodontic treatment. It requires specialized knowledge on how teeth moves in order to provide the best possible results.

In Singapore, both dentists and orthodontists are able to provide Invisalign treatment. However, orthodontists have completed 3 years of specialized training in orthodontics in addition to the basic dental training which the dentists possess. As such orthodontists could better able to provide the desired outcome that patient wished for.

Why choose us for your Invisalign Treatment

In our clinic, Invisalign treatment is provided by two of our in-house orthodontic specialists.  They have more than 35 years of experience in moving teeth between them.  We use the latest intra-oral scanner to give a more accurate mould of your teeth and the process is more comfortable than conventional techniques.

“I was told I am not suitable for Invisalign Treatment”

The advancement in Invisalign Treatment has enable almost all cases to be successfully treated with Invisalign.  The success of Invisalign treatment depends on the experience of the provider.

Our orthodontists have the necessary experience and expertise to treat almost all cases with Invisalign.  Do drop in to have a second opinion.

“I was told I needed extraction of teeth so I am not suitable for Invisalign Treatment”

Huge amounts of research and development have been put into the development of aligner materials.  Orthodontists will be able to harness the properties of the new materials and extraction cases could now be treated with invisalign.  The experience of the orthodontist or dentist is also important and that will affect the quality of the result of orthodontic treatment.

“Is Invisalign Treatment painful”

Most patients experience temporary, minor discomfort during the first 1-2 days of wearing the new aligners.  They usually described the discomfort as pressure which does not affect their daily life.  Some patients don’t feel that they are wearing the aligners.  It is that comfortable.

“Will the aligners affect my speech”

Aligners like all types of braces can cause some lisping when first worn.  However as the tongue gets used to the aligner, speech will return to normal.  Most patients’ speech return to normal more quickly when they are undergoing Invisalign treatment as compared to conventional braces.

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